Sir Billi

by on April 15th, 2012
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I am always conflicted when invited to premieres. I am honored to be in attendance. But, fearful I will not enjoy the film. And in this case. I did not enjoy it. Not quite sure what turned me off. It could have been the characters or the writing. Or perhaps both. Imagine your mother writing a story that would relate to children today. You know that uncomfortable moment. When an older women uses a line like. “Oh no she didn’t”. While shaking her hand and tossing her head back. That disconnect from today’s youth. That sums up the writing. I am not sure what children will think of this film. Maybe they will enjoy it. And I am in the one disconnected. I hope that is the case. For this film was a labor of love for the family. And that love should be rewarded.

Sir Billi (voice by Sean Connery) is a retired veterinarian. Who is the patriarch of Scottish Highland village. When a couple of the village animals find themselves in a dangerous situation. Sir Billi and the villagers find a way to rescue the animals.

I would say wait till DVD or catch it on TV at some point. I give the film a

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