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Martha Marcy May Marlene

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Cults. Is there ever a good cult? What is it they do? How does one get trapped? And most importantly. How does one get out? And will the individual ever really be free from the thinking? This film takes a haunting look into a life of a cult member.

Martha or Marcy May or perhaps Marlene lewis (Elizabeth Olsen) is member of an upstate New York cult. When she escapes and runs through the woods to a local diner. She calls upon her sister Lucy (Sarah Paulson) to come get her. After two years away Lucy is wondering where Martha was. When Lucy questions Martha. She receives little info. Lucy and her husband allow Martha to stay with them in their lake house. As Martha tries to break free of the hold the cult had on her. She struggles with life outside the cult and the power her leader Patrick (John Hawkes) had on her.

This is a powerful performance by Elizabeth Olsen. And a amazing film by young director Sean Durkin. It will get under your skin and open your eyes. This has been one of my favorites at this years Sundance festival. I give this a

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