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Alice in Wonderland

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Trailer
So, another film with the dynamic duo. Yes! Depp an Burton. Although I felt their last collaboration was BLAH. This left a better taste in my mouth.

I don’t need to go into any great length about the film. You all have either read Lewis Caroll’s novel. Or watched the original Disney classic. As Alice is transported to this land of wonder. She battles many things. Thoughts, feelings, jabberwocky and countless other underlying themes. Befriended by mad hatters, rabbits and Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum. This fantasy is brilliantly brought to life by Tim Burton. Thanks to the effects of Dolby 3-D. This film is a stunning moving portrait. Although I won’t watch it again. I give a 3 pot brownie

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