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Valentine’s Day

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Valentine’s Day Trailer
OK. Lets be honest. This film was packaged way too neatly. Hollywood is losing creativity on a daily basis. So, they decided to grab a few of Hollywood’s best eye candy. Write some fluff of a script. Throw in some flowers, and a clean looking Los Angeles. And put it out on a Hallmark holiday. So, couples can go and share in some fantasy of love and lies. Then leave the theater with questions of “Why don’t you do those things?” echoing in your now coma like existence.
Do I dare give you the storyline? Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy. Boy and girl get heart broken. Then realize they should be together. Add that with some phone sex, a politically correct gay lifestyle, a young love scenario and you have a terrible version of “Love Actually”.

Now, I am fully aware the female viewers will have a different take. But, all in all it was a mediocre film. Ignore the fact that it is Valentine’s Day. The need to show your love on one particular day is absurd. Love should be a running theme in your life everyday. Wait for DVD or forget it exists!

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