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Black Dynamite

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Black Dynamite Trailer

Ahhhh Hell Yeah! Bring back “Blaxploitation” films. This is a throw back to the great films of it’s genre. With films like “Superfly”, “Shaft” and “Foxy Brown”. And who could forget the classic “Gayniggers from Outer Space”. Yes, that was a film. “Black Dynamite” brings back the pimpin’, hard hitting lifestyle to film.

When Black Dynamite’s brother is killed by Heroin dealing gangsters. This former C.I.A agent is given his license to kill. Set out to find his brother’s killers. Dynamite stumbles upon a government funded plan. Now Dynamite must stop this diabolical plan.

I absolutely enjoyed this film. It is what it is. A “blaxploitation” film. It pulls no punches or tries to hide that fact. With a stunning cast. Including Arsenio Hall, Tommy Davidson, Brian McKnight and Michael Jai White as “Black Dynamite”. This film is entertaining and laugh out loud hilarious. I want more of these films. I give this a Malt liquor tilting

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