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Grown Ups

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Grown Ups Trailer

Well. I have not been to the show in sometime. And I hate to say this was not a wise choice. But, that is what happens when the movie rust sets in. Bad decisions.
In 1978 a group of friends win a basketball championship. 30 years later. Their coach passes away. Bringing back the coaches only winning team to pay tribute to his life. They rent a lake house. for the weekend. Where 30 years year earlier the coach gave them a speech. That seemed to have an impact on all their lives.

As the weekend unfolds. You are introduced to the characters and all their imperfections. Their desire for a simpler life. And the need for their kids to enjoy an outdoor life and not be glued to T.V and their phones.

The film had some funny parts. But, none that stood out. The underlying message about parenthood is the best part of the film. In all honesty I would wait for DVD. I like Adam Sandler and the entire cast. But, it fell a bit short for me. So,  I give it a

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