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I melt with you

Thursday, January 27th, 2011


Holy shit. I think I am hungover. The Hunter S Thompson “Gonzo” style of drugs and alcohol consumed in this film. Is beyond human consumption. But, one hell of a good time.

When four childhood friends reunite for a week in Big Sur. And avoid all things real in their lives. Fueled with cocaine, a plethora of prescription drugs. And not to mention enough booze to rival any Frat house. As the week progresses and the partying takes hold. Life as they know it changes. One wrong thing after another and a 25 year old pact changes the dynamic and lives of everyone.

The film is a loud and harsh look at life. The soundtrack and images leave you in a haze. It is beautifully acted and well directed. And having been shot in only 18 days. This film is a testament of actors and director hunger for a powerful film. I give it a drug induced

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